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The USP-M ultrasonic welders have been designed and built using the most modern technology curren tly available (3D CAD , CNC).
The mechanical and electrical solutions available make it possible to work in optimal conditions and with a full range of setting possibilities.

The USP-M welders are available in three models:

-With base.
-Bench type.
-Column type (possibility of incorporation onautomatic lines).

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The transducer holder head moves pneumatically on high-precision prismatic guides. The welder is equipped with a mechanical stop to control the welding heights. There is also a wide range of generators to extend the user options: 20 and 36 KHz systems are available with power ratings of between 500 and 3000 Watts.
These generators are latest generation and totally digital. They are equipped with a backlit display and come enclosed in an elegant metal cabinet.
One of the most important features of the welder is the cycle control system which is totally enabled from the TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY.

Dimensions 470x660x1200 mm.
Worktop 450×600 mm.
Sonotrode stroke 100 mm. max
Head descent cylinder 63 mm. diam
Pressure regulator
Descent speed regulator
Worktop/horn 0 – 400 mm.
Encoder Optional
Touch Screen Microprocessor
USB port for downloading the welding data

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