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These US 400 generators are complete with backlit display. The innovative programming system uses a rotary switch with selection and enter button.
This means that all the calibration operations are available with a single knob. This generator is unique, thanks to the simplicity of use, the functions available and the very limited cost.

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The US 400 generator is also available as an independent unit, without metal case.

The generator unit can the refore be placed inside an electric panel and the display positioned in an accessible location.

This version is particularly used in the construction of special ultrasound welding machines for small sized parts.

Power 400 Watt
Frequency 20 – 36 – 40 kHz /td>
Supply voltage 230 V 50 Hz
Amplitude setting 50 – 100 %
Time setting
Energy setting
Frequency control function
Piece-counter function
Overload circuit
Overall dimensions 210x75x220 mm

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