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The ultrasonic welders in the COMPACT series are designed and manufactured using state-ofthe-art technologies (3D CAD, CNC).
The USP COMPACT are available in two models:

-Bench type.
-Column type (possibility of incorporation onautomatic lines).



These welders are particularly suited for welding small parts and its mechanical design is simple and practical.
The welder is equipped with a mechanical limit switch to control the welding position.
These generators are latest generation and totally digital. They are equipped with a backlit display and come enclosed in an elegant metal cabinet.
One of the most important features of this welder is the cycle control sy stem managed by a MICROPROCESSOR.

Dimensions 320x470x700 mm.
Working table 300×420 mm.
Sonotrode stroke 80 mm. max
 Cylinder diam. 40 mm
Power 500 – 1000 Watt
Frequency 36 KHz

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