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The USP ENERGY ultrasonic welders have been designed and built using the most advanced technology (3D CAD, CNC).
This welder has given priority to factors such as reliability, advanced electronic solutions and affordable cost.

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The transducer holde r head moves pneumatically on high-precision prismatic guides. The thrust pressure of the cylinder is adjustable. The welder has a mechanical stop to check the welding heights. There is a wheel mechanism to permit the variation in the sono trode height. The parallel arrangement of the sonotrode in relation to the part to be welded is also extremely easy and intuitive.
The generators are highly advanced and fully digital, contained in an elegant metal cabinet. One of the most important features of this ultrasonic welder is their cycle control system that is totally controlled by a MICROPROCESSOR incorporated inside the generator cabinet.

Dimensions 580x350x1150 mm.
Worktop 300×250 mm.
Sonotrode stroke 100 mm. max
 Cylinder diameter 50 mm.
Worktop/sonotrode 0 – 400 mm.
 Generator power 2000 Watt
 Frequency 20 kHz
Supply voltage 230 V 50/60 Hz
Operating method: time/power/electric stop
Overload circuit

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