SEW US-04.


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The SEW US/04 ultrasonic sewing machine has been designed and developed using the latest technology (3D CAD, CNC).
All the welding parameters are adjustable:
-Feeding speed.
-Vibration amplitude.
-Thrust pressure.
-Welding height.

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This modern design sewing machine, is suited to the welding of synthetic fabrics , as an alternative to sewing with thread.
The special feeding system, with adjustable pressure, makes it possible to carry out curvilinear welding jobs.This makes it possible to obtain imitation stitchingin different patterns

Feeding speed1-20 m/min.
Power supply230 V 50 Hz
Sonotrode pressure setting
Feeding pressure setting
Welding height setting
Double pedal start
Generator power 1000 Watt
Frequency36 kHz
Generator power1000 Watt
Overload circuit
Amplitude setting50 – 100%
Frequency control function
Dimensions1100x630x1200 mm

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