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The MegaMac1236 is a redesigned machine that can weld pipes from 12″ IPS to 36″ DE (340mm to 900mm) sizes. In the field or trench, all-new Megamac1236 machines bring the flexibility and advantages of smaller machines to MegaMc’s large-diameter melting. This fusion machine has all the advantages of its predecessors, with additional functions for work in the trench, in tight spaces.

The body of the Megamac1236 has 4 jaws with a removable 3-jaw carriage, and is capable of overcharging the heater and face to maximize functionality within a limited space. The machines allow the end fusion of most connectors, without special supports or the removal of the external jaw. Mitered inserts are available for making elbows.

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Technical specifications

Fuse tubes size: 12” IPS – 36” OD pipe (340mm – 900mm)
Machine: 6842 lbs (3104Kg)
4 Gag Cart Configuration: 3865 lbs (1754Kg)
3 Gag Cart Configuration: 1820 lbs (826Kg)
Trainer: 480 lbs (218Kg)
Heater: 382 lbs (174Kg)
System pressure: 2300 PSI (157.58 BAR) Max.
Hydraulic tank capacity: 28 Gallons (106 Liters)
Engine : 20 HP, 3 Phase, 240V
Heater power20,461 Watt
Face feed:Hydraulics
Frame: Welded steel pipe construction
Front axle: Articulated
Brake: Mechanical
Rims: 6.90 – 9NHS, 75 PSI Max.
Transportation: It is pulled by a tow ring
Elevation : Elevation points and elevation assembly
Term: 3 years

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