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Manual extruder for EXTRUSION WELDING OF PE/PP/PVDF with a maximum speed of up to 2.5 kg/hour.

Machine with new electronic control. By simply choosing the material to be welded, PP, PE or PVDF, the machine automatically selects the mass and air temperature.

The frequency box regulates the output speed of the material and another advance is the motors are brushless, thus not requiring maintenance.


Technical specifications

Maximum welding 2.5 kg/h, Ø 4 mm
1.4 kg/h, Ø 3 mm
base materials PP/PE/PVDF
material for welding Round rod: Ø 3 / 4 mm
range of applications Wall thickness: 4 – 15mm
Weight 6 kg
Length 470mm
electronic speed control Yes
Box with power unit yes/td>
heating cartridge 400w
hot air blower 2300W

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