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Manual machine for butt welding of plastic plate up to 2000mm. The locking mechanism of the plates is hydraulic, this allows to exert the necessary force so that the welding is precise.

The heating mirror moves with pneumatic cylinders to increase the speed in the exchange of welding cycles. A manual mechanism is used to move laterally the tube obtained from the welding of two plates.

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Technical specifications

Maximum iron length 2000 mm
Thickness Range:
PP (minimum length 1000mm) 3 – 30 mm thick
PE (minimum length 1000mm) 3 – 30 mm thick
PVC (minimum length 1000mm) 3 – 10 mm thick
Feeding 400V 50 Hz
Mirror power 3 KW
Engine power 1.4 KW
Measurement 3.3 x 0.8 x 1.1 mts
Weight 1300 Kg

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MD10/5103507, MD10/5103510


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