The Drader is a manual heat plastic welding apparatus, which provides brazing. The quality of welding is very high, even when people do not have much experience. The result with the Drader is close to 100% weld resistance without the use of hot air or gas.

It has an automatic feeding system that allows a person to use the soldering iron with one hand. In this way it gives a great advantage over the other manual welders, since it allows to have a free hand to hold the material.

Drader Injectiweld’s W3000 supports 0.156-inch (4 mm) diameter welding rods. Feeding is automatic once the rod is properly inserted into the welding equipment.

Thanks to the different interchangeable nozzles that the Drader Injectiweld has, it can be used in the repair of cracks, filling of small holes, spot welding, reaching of narrow areas and prototypes…

Undoubtedly, the ideal tool for any operator who works with manual welders. Fast, with automatic contribution of rod and with single rod of 4mm to reduce the necessary stock.

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Technical specifications

Weight 2.7 KG
Temperature Range 220ºC to 300ºC
Tension 220 – 240 VAC – 50 Hz
Power 300W 50Hz
Air pressure 6 – 10 bar
Air consumption 112 l/m
Rod 4 mm


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