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Accessory for manual welding of sheet by contact. Rollers of different materials and sizes for all types of sheet welds manually. Essential for a good weld.


Technical specifications

15mm brass pressure roller (Cod.5106972)
5mm PTFE Pressure Roller (Cod.5106985)
2Pressure roller 28mm Silicone (Cod.5106977)
Roller pressure 28mm PTFE (Cod.5106976)
3Pressure roller 40mm Silicone (Cod.5106975)
Roller pressure 40mm PTFE (Cod.5106971)
4Pressure roller 40mm Ergonomic silicone (Cod.5106983)
Ergonomic Teflon 40mm Pressure Roller (Cod.5106984)
5Pressure roller 80mm Silicone (Cod.5106974)
6Teflon Corner Roller (Cod.5201324)

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