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Accessory for manual welding of sheet by contact. Rollers of different materials and sizes for all types of sheet welds manually. Essential for a good weld.


Technical specifications

1 5mm brass pressure roller (Cod.5106972)
5mm PTFE Pressure Roller (Cod.5106985)
2 Pressure roller 28mm Silicone (Cod.5106977)
Roller pressure 28mm PTFE (Cod.5106976)
3 Pressure roller 40mm Silicone (Cod.5106975)
Roller pressure 40mm PTFE (Cod.5106971)
4 Pressure roller 40mm Ergonomic silicone (Cod.5106983)
Ergonomic Teflon 40mm Pressure Roller (Cod.5106984)
5 Pressure roller 80mm Silicone (Cod.5106974)
6 Teflon Corner Roller (Cod.5201324)

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