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The RION DIGITAL is the best-selling manual welder (along with the normal version) for welding all types of thermoplastic materials. With adjustable temperature through potentiometers up to 650ºC and a power of 1,550 W.

The screen of the Rion Digital shows you the real values with which the manual soldering iron is working for a better temperature adjustment.

Its low weight and ergonomic shape make it perfect for welding without fatigue. All types of thermoplastic materials can be welded… and welds can be made on plates, floors, terraces, awnings, ceilings…


  • Heating to shape, bend and weld semi-finished thermoplastic material.
  • Drying of wet surfaces and joints
  • Heat shrink, tapes, film, welding sleeves and molded parts.
  • Defrosting of frozen pipes.
  • Activation/dissolution of solvent-free adhesive and melting adhesives.
  • Lighting of ovens with wood shavings, paper, charcoal or straw.


Technical specifications

Voltage (V) 120, 230
Power (W) 1600
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Temperature (ºC) 20 – 620
Air flow (l/m) approx. 250
Static pressure (PA) approx. 3000
Noise level (DB) 64
Measures (l x W x h) (mm) D. 100 x 340, grip 60 / 56
Weight (Kg) 1.3 wired
Certificate GS


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