PT1000 Refurbished.

PT1000 Refurbished

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The PT1000 is a machine for welding pipes and fittings in PE, PP, PVDF and other thermoplastics.
It is supplied complete with: basic machine diameter 1000, detachable heating mirror coated in PTFE, detachable electric cooler and electrohydraulic motor, clamp for accessories diameter 1000mm and set of light alloy reducing inserts diameters 630, 710, 800 and 900mm.
All Tecnodue PT model machines are prepared to use the LDU system. Reader and printer of the welding data, putting the tube that we are going to weld tells us the parameters to follow and at the end prints us a report indicating if the welding is correct or not.
Range: 630 – 1000mm

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Technical specifications

Ambient temperature 0… 50ºC
Humidity 95 RH%
Temp.. transport and storage -10… 60ºC
Voltage 400 V 3 ph
Frequency 50 Hz
Machine power 18.05 KW 26 A
Heating mirror IP 54 14.1 KW
Refresher IP 20 1.85 KW
Hydraulic unit IP 44 2.1 KW (2800 rmp)
Maximum working pressure 160 bar
Cylinders Selection 41.2 cm2
Pressure 0 – 160 bar
Scale precision manometer CI 1.0
Revolutions motor hydraulic unit 2800 rpm
Volumetric capacity of the pump 5 cm3/rev.
Capacity 14 l/min
Hydraulic oil ISO 46
Deposit 7 l
Transmission system Chain
Maximum carriage stroke 590 mm
Scroll bar diameter 80mm
Distance between cylinders 1300 mm
Basic machine 2700x1700x1670 mm
Refresher 1245x400x1420 mm
Heating mirror 1100x65x1120 mm
Hydraulic unit 8000x510x320 mm
Mirror and Refractor Support 910x1200x1320 mm
Basic machine 1030 kg
Refresher 273 kg
Heating mirror 93 kg
Hydraulic unit 49 kg
Mirror and Refractor Support 163 kg
Transport box 90 kg
Lide holder plate 120 kg
Complete set of Inserts 730 kg

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