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The smallest, lightest and most compact hot wedge machine in the world. The Mion is an automatic hot wedge welding machine for PVC welding and PE solation, geomembrane coatings in tunnels, as well as in earthworks and civil engineering.

Its low weight makes it very suitable for welding above the head and therefore, for the waterproofing of tunnels and tank constructions.

The patented ceramic wedge guarantees, through optimal caloric transfer, maximum welding power. It features a sophisticated propulsion technique and is designed with the highest possible load in a smaller unit.

It has a built-in digital indicator of temperature, speed and hours of service

  • Max. 95mm overlay
  • Seam type Welding seams are produced in accordance with DVS 2225 Part I. Other seam measurements are possible upon request.
  • Welding type In standard version the Mion is supplied with a ceramic wedge. This allows welding of all different types of material without wedge change.


Technical specifications

Voltage (V) 120 / 230
Power (W) 800
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Temperature (ºC) 20 – 500 adjustable
Pressure (N) max. 1100 N
Speed (m/min.) 0.8 – 3.5 controlled non-scale
Maximum working pressure 140 bar
Measurements (mm) 210 x 210 x 210
Weight (kg) 5.6 Kg with 5 m cable

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