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Semi-automatic welding machine: closes the gap between the manual welding tool and the automatic welding machine.

Innovation in the market: the semi-automatic welding machine combines the advantages of a manual welding tool with the automation of a welding machine.

MicOn, our first semi-automatic welding machine for thermoplastic materials. It is small as a manual welding tool and for this reason needs little space. It’s your perfect choice for flexible applications.

The MicOn is as reliable as an automatic welding machine. The speed and temperature are adjustable and remain constant. The pressure has to be given to the tool by hand. With the final stop mounted, we make sure that it always welds easily on the edge of the overlay.

The MicOn is easy to handle and designed for the most demanding job sites. In addition, the semi-automatic welding machine is much less expensive than a usual automatic welding machine. The orientation aid, which is available as an accessory, makes it very easy to put constant pressure on the tool while welding and resting your back.

It doesn’t matter if you need the MicOn on your construction site or in-house, it will always be a great choice. It is the ideal tool for roofers or canvas manufacturers, as well as for all craftsmen who need to make smaller and smaller welds.


Technical specifications

Voltage 120/230V
Power consumption 2100/1650W
Frequency 50/60Hz
Temperature Max. 600ºC
Handling Max. 4.0 m/min.
Size (l x w x h) 400 x 170 x 330 mm
Weight 6.8 kg


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