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The MegaMac1648 machine is capable of welding pipes at the ends with a diameter of 16″ DE to 48″ DE (450mm to 1200mm). It was designed to meet the large diameter needs of the water and drainage industry. The growth of the water industry has promoted the demand for the MegaMac1648.

The Megamac1648 machine allows end welding of most connectors, without special brackets or removal of external jaw. Mitered inserts are available for bending. McElroy’s unique semi-automatic control system requires only one operator. Hydraulic power helps all fusion functions, including the entire operation of jaws, pipe elevators, heater and fronter.

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Technical specifications

Fuses size tubes: 4″IPS – 12″DIPS (110mm – 340mm)
Machine: 1225 lbs (556Kg)
4 Gag cart configuration: 915 lbs (415Kg)
3 Jaw carriage configuration: 261 lbs (118.4Kg)
Face: 62 lbs (28.1Kg)
Heater: 24 lbs (10.9Kg)
System pressure: 1200 PSI (82.737 BAR) Max.
Hydraulic tank capacity: 6 Gallons (22.71 Liters)
End melting heater: 3000 Watt
Side wall heater 2270 Watt
Face feed: Hydraulic system
MOTOR(gas driven only)
Engine type : 18 HP Air-Cooled V-Twin
Fuel type : Petrol
Fuel tank capacity : 5 Gallons (18.92 Liters)
Tank operating capacity : 8 Hours
Starting system : Electric
MOTOR( Power supply )
Electric motor: 3 HP
Scribe: None, self-contained
AC Output : 2 Receptacles 240V
End melting heater: 3000 Watt
Face feed: Hydraulics
Frame: Welded steel pipe construction
Front axle: Articulate
Brake: Mechanic
Tires: High flotation inflatable tires
Transportation: Pulled by a tow ring
Elevation: Elevation points and elevation assembly
Term: 3 years

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