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The manual welder for welding all types of thermoplastic materials. With adjustable temperature up to 600ºC and a power of 1,000 W.

Machine with external air using the BAK-Air Sttion blower or with air compressor.

Small, precise and manageable, with digital temperature reader, electronic adjustment, 360º adjustable nozzle position, ergonomic grip and a wide range of nozzles and accessories.


Technical specifications

Voltage (V) 120, 230
Power (W) 600, 1000
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Temperature (ºC) 20 – 620 controlled non-scale
Air flow (l/m) min. 40
Static pressure (PA) Max. 1000 bar
Measures (l x W x h) (mm) D. 295x 62
Weight (Kg) 0.75 with 3 meters of cable.
Certificate CE


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