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The VSP 405-14 vibration welder was designed andmanufactured using state-of-the-art technologies (3D CAD, CNC).
This technology is used for welding thermoplasticparts that have complex geometric shapes or whenthe material itself cannot be welded using traditionaltechnologies (ultrasound – hot blade).

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This modern design sewing machine, is suited to the welding of synthetic fabrics , as an alternative to sewing with thread.
The vibration is circular. Unlike conventional vibration welders, vibration is obtained through the displacement of a specially shaped shaft. This is very important because it allows the client to make the necessary fixturings.
One of the most important features of this welder is the cycle control system managed entirely by a MICROPROCESSOR

Vibration amplitudefrom 0,2 to 2 mm.
Operating frequencyfrom 0 to 200 Hz
Vibrating part weight6 Kg. Max.
Motor power3,5 KW
Supply Voltage400 V 3F+T
Absorbtion10 A
Cylinder head down80 mm. diam.
Stroke160 mm. max.
Thrust pressure242 Kg. Max.
Welder dimensions650x560x1100 mm.
Worktop480x400x38 mm.
Vibrating part plate200×200 mm.
Welder weight220 Kg.

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