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The SWP 06 spin welder was designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies.With this technology, most thermoplastic materials having a round shape can be welded.

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For spin welding technology, the heat needed to melt the parts is produced by a rotating motion combined with thrust pressure. One of the parts to be welded is held by a fixture, while the other one is set in motion by a rotating spindle.
One of the most important features of this welder is the cycle control system managed by TOUCH SCREEN MICROPROCESSOR

Supply voltage400 V – 50 Hz
Absorption4 A
Motor power2 KW
Motor torque3,8 Nm max.
Motor revolutions6000 RPM max.
Cylinder head down63 mm. diam.
Stroke100 mm. max.
Thrust pressure180 Kg. Max.
Dimensions600x500x1200 mm.
Working table600×500 mm.
Operating modesTime –distance angle

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