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Accessory for socket welding of tubes and accessories in PP-R from 63 to 125mm.

The device is light and compact and has a hard transmission screw with a parallel joining system that joins the tubes and accessories in an aligned way without any deviation.

The features of the Spider 125 allow a single technician to do the alignment correctly, heat, fuse and cool the tube. Because the pressure is constant throughout the whole process and has no recoil.

The Spider 125 is available in two models: with the fastening chain, only for aquatherm tube, which can incorporate any size of tube, or with a universal clamp. The universal clamp allows you to incorporate any type of tube from 63mm to 125mm, eliminating the need for inserts.


Compact & lightweight
The two models of the Spider 125 have a very light weight, which transform it into exceptional tools to make the socket fusion in all situations in general, whether vertical works and small spaces.

Driving without return
The technical characteristics of the Spider 125 have a hard transmission screw with parallel joining system that bring tubes and accessories and also uniformly all and maintaining a constant pressure on the fusion of the joint through the process.

Fits all tubes and fittings
The Spider 125 with universal clamping features, a clamping system that supports any tube size or accessory from 63 to 125mm – eliminating the need for inserts.

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