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McElroy’s No.618 line of fusion machines fuses pipes at the ends of sizes from 6″ IPS to 18″ DE (180mm to 450mm). They come in various model configurations, to meet the demands of your pipeline project. One of our sales champions, the Rolling618, bridges the gap between the small and large diameter fusion.

All units incorporate the Interchangeable Four Jaw Carriage No.618, which can be easily removed for melting in the trench. In the case of very narrow installations, the external fixed jaw and skid can be removed from the trolley, turning it into a 3-jaw carriage to have an even more compact melting unit. These machines can manufacture segmented elbows with optional mitered inserts and are compatible with DataLogger®.

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Technical specifications

Fuses size tubes: 4″IPS – 12″DIPS (110mm – 340mm)
Power Supply Machine: 1100 lbs (498Kg)
Machine: 1335 lbs (606Kg)
4 Gag cart configuration: 445 lbs (202Kg)
3 Jaw carriage configuration: 350 lbs (158Kg)
Face: 91 lbs (41.3Kg)
6″ IPS – 12″ DIPS Heater : 28 lbs (13Kg)
12″ IPS – 18″ OD Heater: 34 lbs (15.4Kg)
System pressure: 1200 PSI (82.737 BAR) Max.
Hydraulic tank capacity: 6 Gallons (22.71 Liters)
MOTOR(gas driven only)
Engine type : 18 HP Air-Cooled V-Twin
Fuel type : Petrol
Fuel tank capacity : 5 Gallons (18.92 Liters)
Tank operating capacity : 8 Hours
Starting system : Electric
Scribe: None, self-contained
AC Output : 2 Receptacles 240V
End melting heater: 3000 Watt
Face feed: Hydraulics
Frame: Welded steel pipe construction
Front axle: Articulate
Brake: Mechanic
Tires: High flotation inflatable tires
Transportation: Pulled by a tow ring
MOTOR (Only powered by electricity)
Electric motor: 5 HP
Term: 3 years

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