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The Proton is the latest model for sheet welding of our represented BAK. This new addition is a great novelty, since it unites the two types of welding that until now came in different models, wedge welding and hot air welding.

It is the smallest and lightest automatic model for welding all types of thermoplastic materials. It can weld PELD, PEHD, PVC-P, PP, ECB, EVA, TPO.

Designed to be used in civil works and construction of tunnels, motor and brushless heater for less maintenance.

  • Small, light and robust
  • Brushless motor and heater
  • For thin sheets and hems
  • Easy to use
  • Continuous adjustment of welding parameters and air flow.
  • Weld peld, PEHD, PVC-C, PP, ECB, EVA, TPO.


Technical specifications

Voltage V 230 / 150
Frequency Hz 50 / 60
Power W 2300
Temperature ºC max 550
Velocity m/min max 550
Welding pressure N max 1000
Measurement mm 370 x 340 x 330
Seam size mm 15 – 15 – 15
Weight kg 9
Marked CE

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