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The PLANON automatic machine is a small, manageable and fast machine for canvas and thermoplastic welder.

Automatic starter motor, temperature and speed regulator up to 12 meters / min.

The smallest machine capable of welding 40mm wide.

Wrinkle-free quality welding.

Planon 230V 20mm 5230000Planon
230V 30mm 5230001
Planon 230V 40mm 5230002

Planon Digital 230V 20mm 5230006
Planon Digital 230V 30mm 5230007
Planon Digital 230V 40mm 5230008

Heating system:

The hot air temperature is continuously adjustable and electronically controlled. According to the thickness of the material the nozzle can be adjusted continuously.

The welding pressure can be changed by increasing or decreasing the weight.

The pulse is continuously adjustable and electronically controlled. The control system is designed in such a way that the adjusted speed remains constant, regardless of the load.

1 in stock

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Technical specifications

Voltage (V)230
Power (W)3400
Frequency (Hz)50 / 60
Temperature (ºC)20 – 600º controlled non-scale
Air flowmaximum 500 l/min
Velocityfrom 0.5 to 12 mts/min
Noise (dB)50
Measurement460 x 360 x 310 mm
Weight14 Kg


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