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Te mirrors are manual mirrors for butt welding of polyethylene and polypropylene (PE / PP) plastic pipes, available in the following diameters: 120mm – 140mm – 180mm – 230mm and 300mm.
The tool consists of a PTFE-coated head for welding PE and PP tubes without sticking to the metal. Equipped with adjustable mechanical thermostat to control the temperature and a stand to place it and work more comfortably.

Portable mirrors for tube butt welding and PE and PP accessories.

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Technical specifications

ModelDiameterTensionFrequencyPowerGross weight
TE 120 45º120 mm220-240 V50 Hz600 W2.3 kg
TE 140140 mm220-240 V50 Hz600 W2.4 kg
TE 180180 mm220-240 V50 Hz800 W2.6 kg
TE 230230 mm220-240 V50 Hz1300 W3.9 kg
TE 300300 mm220-240 V50 Hz1500 W4.8kg

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