LDU Refurbished.

LDU Refurbished

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Digital reader and data printer (LDU). This auditor turns your hydraulic machine into a semi-automatic machine.
Simply by entering the diameter and thickness that we are going to weld, it will automatically indicate all the parameters to follow according to the DVS standard to perform the welding correctly.
At the end it will print you a report indicating whether the welding is correct or not. This report is a guarantee to you and your client that the job is well done.
The data printing machine has been designed and manufactured to measure the parameters of butt welding for tubes and fittings of PE 80, PE 100 and PP.
In addition to the control function, the data printing machine helps the operator throughout the work process by displaying on the screen and advising by acoustic signal the pressure and time to be achieved during the cycle of the welding phases.
The computer according to the material and thickness of the wall, once the operator has set all the parameters of the pipe, controls the temperature of the heating mirror.
The possibility of printing all welding parameters in advance helps the operator not to have to use the welding boards.
At the end of the weld, as we have already said before, we have the option of printing the final report of the welding cycle, it allows the operator to check if the welding cycle has been done correctly.

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