The L62 is an industrial heater for continuous work, it incorporates a progressive regulation of the temperature up to 700 ºC.

This device works with external air and is available in two different powers and voltages:

  • 5800W – 400V
  • 8600W – 400V
  • 4500W – 230V

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Technical specifications

Item No. 5102169 5102171 5102174 5102176
Voltage 400V 400V
Power 5800W 8600W
Frequency 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
Max. temperature 700ºC 700ºC
Min. amount of air 500 l/min 800 l/min.
Air connection 38 Ø mm 38 Ø mm
Download port 62 Ø mm 62 Ø mm
Dimensions 336x122x124 mm 336x122x124mm
Weight 2.9 Kg 2.9 Kg
Safety Class II
Conformity mark CE CE

Additional information


L62/5102169, L62/5102171, L62/5102174, L62/5102176


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