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The ZERN-2000-PLUS is ideal for building new networks and repairing or expanding existing networks. Dedicated to water supply, municipalities and private companies that work larger diameters of PE pipes.

The device is compatible with accessories used in the gas and plumbing industry. It allows four programming modes: Manual, scanner, manual barcode and repetition of the last one. Permanently mounted in a metal carrying box, which protects against mechanical damage, sand, rain and also ensures convenient transportation of the device. Simple and clear operation of welding machine control program. Possibility to connect a barcode reader. Transformer temperature measurement system, protects the installer from overheating.


Optional equipment

  • Manual scraper
  • Cleaning wipes for joints
  • Pipe press ZRRN-90 (32*90mm)
  • Gasket mounting clamps (PUZN-90L)
  • Pipe scissors (16+63mm)
  • Tube cutter (6+76mm)
  • Tube cutter (50+140mm)
  • Tube cutter (110+160mm)
  • Tube beveling machine (16+110mm)
  • Tube bevelling machine (32+250mm)
  • Tube beveling machine (75+200mm)
  • ZHRN-160 ( 90+160mm) SDR11 and SDR17 hydraulic mount clamps
  • Shelter tent quick assembly 3×3 [m]
  • FOGO FH600R Power Generator with Voltage Stabilization System

Technical specifications

Approximate range of welded diameters ~400mm
Power supply AC230[v](+10-15%), 50(+10[Hz]%)
Maximum adjustment power ~3000W
Weight21 Kg 21 Kg
Dimensions 430 x 280 x 180 mm
Welding voltage 8/48V
Max. welding current 80 A
Working temperature -5/+40 Cº
Interchangeable welding adapters 04, 04.7 [mm]
Class of protection IP 54
Barcode scanner Included
Memory No
GPS (aerial) recordingXx No
Possibility to print the protocol No
Power Generator Suggestion 5kW
Built-in rechargeable battery No
Data transmission possibilities on a memory card No
Communication to the computer USB cable
Calibration reminderV Yes
Automatic welding time compensation Yes
Traceability function No
LCD display (2×16) Yes
Available user language PL, ENG, RU, GER, HU, FR, RO, NO, IT, RO, LT, ESP, CZ, SK
Possibility of manual programming Yes
Available data transmission ports USB Type-B, M12
Possibility of software update by the user No
Welding and power cables 4m/4m

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