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The Calder Pegasus gives you functionality, reliability and affordability. It is capable of welding all brands of accessories up to 630 mm.It comes with a hard protective case. Data can be entered by barcode reading via scanner or manual data entry.
The Calder Pegasus comes equipped with a complete data logging and when combined with CalderSafe Mobile, the unit will provide you with a complete welding quality safety system.



Built-in equipment

  • Barcode scanning and manual time entry
  • Fusamática / Plasson automatic coupling recognition
  • Connection size range 20 mm – 630 mm
  • 4m output cable
  • Standard 4.0 mm terminal
  • Data record of 2000 welding records
  • Calder Utility Fusion Data Viewer
  • Simple symbolic display
  • Supplied terminal adapters
  • Hard plastic safe

Optional Equipment

  • CalderSafe Mobile Quality Control System
  • Checkpoint – Blue Box Data Technology

Technical specifications

Voltage 110/230V
Frequency 40 – 60Hz
Input current [MAX, A] 16A
Input power 3kw
Output voltage [Vac RMS] 8/48V
Output current[Continued. CA RMS] 60A
Class of protection IP 54
Data logging capability 2000 Records
Snap size range 20mm-630mm
Dimensions 550 x 420 x 340mm
Weight 28kg
Housing material ABS plastic
Network cable input length 4m
Output length of fusion cable 3m

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