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Industrial heater for continuous work with built-in air. It has a progressive regulation of the temperature up to 650º and the air flow, from 120 l/min to 950 l/min.

Separate interlocking general switch for heating and fan, plus built-in overload protection. Thermal tube with fine steel protective tube.

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Technical specifications

Item No.51025815102605
Voltage230 V1×400-440 V
Power3.7 KW4/-5.6 KW
Frequency50/60 HZ50/60 HZ
Max. temperature650ºC650ºC
Min. amount of air120 l/min.120 l/min.
Max. quantity Air 20ºC930 l/min.960 l/min.
Max. Temperature with max. air440ºC480ºC
Static pressure450Pa450Pa
Air connection62 Ø mm62 Ø mm
Dimensions322x138x180 mm (LxWxH)360x138x180 mm (LxWxH)
Weight2.8 Kg3.1 Kg
Safety Class II
Conformity markCECE

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COMPACT/5102581, COMPACT/5102605


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