Comon Refurbished.

Comon Refurbished

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The new COMON II is an improved version of the well-known automatic hot wedge machine for the realization of polyethylene sheet welding (PE) and waterproofing of lakes, reservoirs, tunnels, canals and for civil engineering….

This new version is a model that has been mechanically reinforced to offer you greater resistance to working conditions and to be able to weld better and faster sheets with a thickness up to 3mm.

The Comon II like the first model, comes standard with a copper wedge for welding PE and PP geomembrane. But you have the option to buy it with the ceramic wedge to weld all kinds of thermoplastic materials including PVC (this second option, you have to inform prior to the purchase to be able to supply the specific wedge).

With the ceramic wedge you can weld the following materials: PE-LD, PE-HD, PE-C, PVC-P, PP, BCE, EVA and TPO.

Very fast machine with high quality welds, robust body and shock resistance. In addition to lightweight, with a very compact design and easy to use, even without being a great expert.

The temperature and speed of the motor can be regulated digitally. The pressure of the rollers is also adjustable.

  • Flap: 140mm
  • Sewing type: Weld seam according to DVS 2225 part I. (Other seam dimensions are possible on request).
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Technical specifications

Voltage (V) 230
Power (W) 2,1
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Temperature (ºC) 20 – 460 adjustable
Pressure (N) max. 1400 N
Speed (m/min.) 0.8 – 5 controlled non-scale
Measurements (mm) 460 x 300 x 330
Weight (kg) 14

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