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The AM-100 Spark Meter provides a fast and effective inspection method on thick coatings and coatings. Tests can be performed with a coating thickness of between 3 and 30mm.

It can be expandable used in butt welding testing and in welding of plastics and rubber coating, petrochemical and pipe construction industry.

The unit includes a flexible probe but can also supply rods and electrodes, if needed for specific applications. However, to ensure the stability of the output voltage, large electrodes should not be used. The maximum recommended size is 150mm.

Types of Equipment:
5200228 – AM100 Chispometer + Flexible Probe
5200229 – Chispometro AM100 Complete Kit


Technical specifications

Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 40-60
Power (W) 30
Output Voltage (Kv) May-55
Output Frequency (kHz) 100
Weight (kg) 1
Marked CE

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