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Hot plate welder suitable for the welding of thermoplastic pieces.
Manufactured using the most up to date productive technologies, the hot plate welder BASIC series, stands out for its easy to use concept, reliability, solidity and its moderate price.

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The hot plate welding machine model BASIC, has a safety barrier that separates the heating zone, avoiding accidental contact by the operator. During the welding cycle this safety barrier is opened and closed automatically

Dimensions 700x1200x1150 mm.
Plate dimensions 350×250 mm. max.
Welder’s weight 90 kg.
Power supply 230 V – 50 Hz
Absorbed power 2 – 3 kW
Air consumption 50 N/l min.
Thrust force mould 300kg. (6 bar)
Cylinder mould down diam. 80 mm.
Stroke upper mould 250 mm. max.
Stroke horizontal plate 320 mm. max.
Stroke vertical plate 50 mm. max.
Thermo regulator Digital
Predisposition for suction Hood
Safety barrier protection plate

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