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The CSE switchboard represents the possibility of obtaining an automatic version of the welding of any PT hydraulic machine.

Only by entering the data of the tube to be welded, the CSE automatically calculates the welding parameters.

Knowing the tubes to be welded and the drag pressure, the machine performs all the steps completely automatically,

Open and close clamps, give the indicated pressure during the welding times marked by the DVS standard.

Thanks to the CSE switchboard, you will get perfect welds with all the guarantees.

In addition, it is equipped with a printer with which it prints at the end a report with all the parameters of the welding carried out.

You can also, via USB, download all the data to a computer and get a final report with all the welds

that have been made in the work.



Technical specifications

Voltage 230 V – 50 Hz (PT 160-500)
400 V – 50 Hz (PT 630-800)
Control unit weight 52 kg
Dimensions cm 63x31x44
Maximum pressure 130 bar
Power 50 Hz
2.8 KW – 12 A (PT 200)
3.7 KW – 16 A (PT 250)
5.1 KW – 23 A (PT 315)
5.1 KW – 23 A (PT 355)
7.7 KW – 32 A (PT 500)
13.8 KW – 23 A (PT 630)
14.5 KW – 23 A (PT 800)

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