Hydraulic machines for pipe welding

Forthe welding of polyethylene pipes or welding of polypropylene pipes, from a certain diameter, usually between 160 and 200mm, manual welding is no longer viable, because the pressure we must give can no longer be reached manually. At this point the machines become hydraulic.
In this section you can see the entire PT range of hydraulic machines for welding pipe by thermofusion, with which we can weld polyethylene or polypropylene pipe from diameter 40 to 1600mm, Each machine can weld different measures, using reducing inserts we can weld pipe from smaller diameters to the maximum diameter that will mark the body of the machine. Our machines are composed of base body, composed of four clamps, set of reducing inserts, heating mirror with digital thermometer to put the temperature we want and analog safety thermometer to double check that the temperature we request is what we really have. Electric grinder for the perfect polishing of the tubes, and the hydraulic one with which we will open and close the clamps and give us the pressure that the welding table will indicate on each occasion.

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