We know as tauliner as the tarpaulins which are used as side and back curtains in trucks and trailers. They are assembled and disassembled very easily and they are used to protect the materials which are transported, either it is about food products, mechanical pieces, supplies or any other type of goods.

The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the predominating material in the market for this type of tarpaulin, as due to a very low price, they offer great performance.


At the moment of doing reparations, we must know that the hot air welding is the most effective solution, as it takes advantage of the weldability del PVC at very high temperatures and turns the two parts of the tarpaulin into a new one.

The most common is that the tauliner is composed of polyester fibres which are covered with two sheets of PVC, one for each side of the tarpaulin. They are usually equipped with what is known as metal ‘grommets’ with washer, so the tauliner is hooked to the structure of the vehicle.

In the case of the trucks, that in many occasions have to travel under adverse climatologic circumstances like rain and snow, besides of the extreme hot and cold, the PVC offers great performance.


For that, the key is that the PVC keeps entire, in the way that we can be beneficiated from its waterproof properties. With the welding through heat it is simple to repair breaks and cuts.

Which advantages has the reparation by using hot air welding?

The main advantages that we can differentiate in the hot welding for the reparations of tauliners are the following:

  • REDUCES THE REPARATION TIMEIn the area of the professional transportation the times are a key factor. That’s why the hot welding supposes a great competitive advantage in comparison to the other types of repairs like the mending or the reparations with adhesive tapes and glues.
    A break of an average length can be solved in a little more than 15 or 20 minutes. Besides, in the case of having to repair several tauliners, we can calibrate the welding machine with the same parameters and buy much time by standardizing the process.tauliner-pvc-soldador.
    The purchase of a manual hot welding machine supposes certain investment that it doesn’t need to be done with other welding methods but, instead, it is enough to use it several times to make it profitable.
  • LONG LASTING REPARATION AND OF SIMPLE MAINTENANCE The melting of the materials which are part of the tauliner makes the final result be practically the same that it had the tauliner before suffering the break.
    The threads of mending could detach by the effect of the climatologic conditions and the speed that the trucks reach during their journeys, something similar to what it happened if it were used some glues or adhesives..
    tauliner publicidad.
  • PROFESSIONAL IMAGE Many of the tauliners are used by the companies for, besides of fulfilling their protection function, serve as advertisement for their brand and products.
    So it is essential to get in the reparations a result which offers a perfect image before the rest of the vehicles and the clients.


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