The hot air welding is a solution which offers great results when it is about repairing cracks, welding awnings or mending breaks that have happened in advertising banners, industrial curtains, etc…

It is also very useful for repairing damages in objects manufactured in thermoplastic material, doing small changes in thermoplastic layers and even, to curve PVC pipes when we don’t have the piece or elbow to do the work.

Soldador manual

The best ally to do this type of works, which offer effectiveness and durability out of reach of other solutions like sews or glue, will be the hot air welder which we have. It is about a key element, together with our skill and experience.

That’s why we want to stop in which the determining points are in which we have to pay attention at the moment of buying or renting some of these equipment.

Should I pay attention before buying a welder?


Do we need to do a welding with rod? Or, the priority is to do overlapping weldings of PVC layers?

Most of the present manual welders allow both uses, but before buying one, we should make sure which our priority is. Machines like the RION and the digital RION, both of the BAK brand, are some which consider both uses.

On the other hand, first we should know which plastic we are going to work with, as that is the thing which determines which the fusion temperature is

soldadura manual


In the market there are machines like the Drader Injectiweld, whose temperature varies between 220 and 300 °C, and others like the MARON and the ERON, which are capable of reaching 650 °C.

This affects in the uses that we can give and its price. We should pay attention if the tool has a digital readout and electronic adjustment, like the WELDON machine.



From 300W to 3.300W, the market offers manual welders proper to different uses, both for small reparations like for industrial applications.



An ergonomic handle makes easier the handle of the machine. For example, the Drader Injectiweld has a system of automatic alignment and a reduced weight, so it can be used with only one hand. Other, like the WELDON, has the advantage that the nozzle can be adjusted to 360 °C.



A machine which includes a wide range of nozzles and fittings, or at least we can buy them additionally, but that can be changed easily, that will make easier the work.



Besides the two most common uses which we have mentioned before, we should remember that we can use this type of machinery for other alternative applications. It is the case of the drying of surfaces and wet joins the defrosting of pipes, the light of furnaces with sawdust or the heating of thermoplastic semi-finishing. We can also use them to shrink by heat and activate or dissolve glue without using solvent.