Everybody knows that a brand cannot be stuck in their classic models, is for that reason that always they innovate and improve their machines or with the already exsiting ones even come up with new models on the market.

The brands that resist and survive in the business market for many years as 20,25 30 years’ o more is because they provide a high-quality machine, along with the factor that they never stopped to offer solutions and new options to their customers.

Is in that way that our represented companies as; Bak, Tecnodue, Leister, Musch, Advance Welding, McElroy, all they have this in mind, and their I+D department is working continuously looking for new developments and testing new products in order to offer the best to our customers.

As usually, in Aristegui Maquinaria we reaffirm our intention to provide the best data to our customers. All the things that are going on in the welding thermoplastics business sector, referring on the field of the welding machines.

For that reason, in this section you will find the latest news that are coming up from our brands represented, and that are available on the market. Also, there you will find out solutions for: the pipeline welding, the Polyethylene waterproofing welding, the PVC awnings constructions welding, manual welders from hot air system…and another sort of weldings.

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Machine for welding by electrofusion of tubes up to 180mm ...