Do you know that the construction with plastic saves energy and money and protects the environment?


From residential homes to commercial buildings, hospitals and schools, architects and designers base on plastics to help to maximize the durability and improve the energetic efficiency  and capacity. Correctly installed the plastic products in construction can help to reduce  the energetic and maintainance costs, and potencially, to reduce the carbon footprint of the owner of the house.

These are only some of the ways in which plastics help to save energy at home:


–          The use of insulation panels of polystyrene foam expanded or rigid (extruded) help to the owners to save hundred of dollars every year in the heating and cooling bills.

–          The usage of putties and seallers based on ​​ polymers is a weak fast solutions for the windows  with air currents. If it is neccesary the substitution of windows,  it is recommended to use vinyl window frames, that decreases the condensation and help to mantain a uniform temperature at homes,  reducing  the extra heating and the use of air conditioning.

–          Roof systems made with plastics, like the vinyl or TPO, membranes of only one sheet in the external surface in combination with a rigid sheet of polyisocyanurate or spray of polyurethane foam below offer an important save of energy, durability and humidity control. These kinds of roof systems have typically a colour and the reflection coating of the light in warm weathers, what reduces the quantity of heat transportated in the interior of the building through thermic bridges  (created when the insulating materials that are poor, they enter in contact, allowing that the heat flows through the created access route). It is requiered less air conditioning and therefore, less energy is consumed.

–          The wood of construction is based on recycled plastics and materials composed of plastic-wood can last more than the tradicional materials and requieres less mantainance. The compound of wood is resistent in the open, what requieres less material to be used with the time, what saves energy. It is also ecological as great part of the wood of construction is made of recycled materials acan be recycled.

–          The usage of pipes of cross-linked polyethylene (also called PEX), which is lighter and more flexible than other materials, allows multiple lines of supply through a house, what allows  hot water arrives faster to a sink or the shower, what can save water in a significative way.


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With all the aforementioned information, we conclude that  what it makes plastics be an ideal material for construction is the fact that it can be strong, resistant in the open, heat-resistant and flexible. The plastics also are very light and requiere very little mantainance (they don’t oxidize nor decompose). This makes them ideal for the construction industry. There are also more than 50 different families of plastics and each of them has something different  to offer to the construction industry.

In the present world, the efficiency is essential. In fact, besides, the transport, home is the second highest consumer of energy. Plastics are big insulators and seallers that highly help in the improvement of the energetic efficiency and the reduction of the damaging emmisions  of C02.