Training / Consultancy

In occasions, our customers know exactly what they need, but sometimes doesn’t know how to proceed.

For these cases, we have at the customer’s disposal, all our knowledge and experience, from our Aristegui Maquinaria staff.

We got into the plastic weldings sector and hot air from 1980, and thanks to our vast experience of more than 35 years in this business sector, we are qualified to provide personal counselling and professional advices to the companies, commenting the diverse options of training and consulting procedures that can be applied, making much easier to develop the customer’s projects, and offering the best option that satisfied each one’s necessities.


If the customer doesn’t know how to weld we are glad to teach him.

If the customer needs to learn or improve their knowledge in plastic welding, we offer the possibility to come to our installations, where our technics will be at their disposal to teach them and give solutions to their projects.

If It is need it, we also provide the possibility to move out, from our facilities to the customers site, and train the operators how to use the machine operating in a smooth way as all related with its maintenance.

We also offer, all the help in Polyethylene pipeline welding, PVC manual weld, manual welding with rod, and many more…


We can help you in:

  • Hot air application with the purpose to improve the production procedures of your factory.
  • What kind of machine it is need to perform a particular work.
  • What kind of machine will be the most appropriate for their application.
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    Training / Consultancy

    People from Aristegui Maquinaria, S.L., started in the plastic pipe field in 1980. Thanks to these 31 years of experience, we can help companies in different training processes in order to start their plastic pipes projects or implementing their factory turnkey.

    Welding training

    If you you do not know how to weld, we teach you.

    If you need to learn or improve your welding knowledge, you can come to our plant and we will teach you whatever you ask for .

    Welding in waterproofing, pipe, electrofusion, extrusion, rod….simply call us and make an appointment.


    We can help you :

    Advice in your factory production processes.

    Training in your machines starting.

    In our blog …