Equipment rental

Many times, some jobs turn up, and we don’t have the properly machine for enable the job, and even worse, in many occasions we decline the offer or to realize a job just because we don’t have the proper machine to do it well.

Is for that cases, when purchase a brand-new machine is not justified reason of the work, instead we offer you, the opportunity of rent it.

The Aristegui Maquinaria’s rent, nowadays is a cost-effective option versus the purchase of a brand-new equipment. Avoiding a punctual demand or a sporadic job that could impact you, making easy to move equipments and goods that otherwise could cause expensive costs.

Our rent machines are always in their best conditions, in one piece, and properly calibrated in the moment of their loan, making that increase their productivity.

In our facilities, we have more than 40 machines designated to be rented.

You will find at your disposal, different hydraulic machines models, from our brand Tecnodue, all ready to be use for butt welding in pipelines of PE or PP from a diameter of 63mm. to 1600mm.

In addition, our commercial professionals, will assist you in which is the best option, and the machine that better suits you. Advising you of what must be rented to achieve fine the job that you have been commissioned. Also, in case that the customer requested it, they could be trained, in order to know how to use the machine purchased, and how manage the whole welding process by itself.

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    Machinery renting

    Do you need to rent a machine?

    We offer over 40 Tecnodue hydraulic machines for butt welding PE/PP pipe from 63 to 1600mm. diameter.

    We also have to rent automatic and bar code pen machines for electrofusion welding.

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