Aristegui Maquinaria with the intention to provide the best care and professional attention to our customers, presents a before, and after sale service. Just to give them the best support and make them feels like at all times attended.

Before to realize the purchase, or even without the aim of buy anything, we offer to our customers a personal advisory service, to afford them the best option to each one of their needs.

If the customer required it, we could do some tests on-site, in their own installations, on the purpose to see its operation, and confirm that works perfectly.

In Aristegui Maquinaria, we think that the relation with our customers doesn’t finished once the purchase has been done, on contrary, our point of view is, that “this” is the moment where our service begins.

For that reason, we have this after-sales service, that makes our customers feel not abandoned at all, from the very first moment that they buy the machine.

In our installations, we have an official workshop center, stocking all the official pieces need for carry out with all the repairs and calibrations, done under the quickest way possible.

If do you need a machine to weld pipelines, but you are not able in this moment to purchase one machine, we bring you the possibility of Rent it.

In Aristegui Maquinaria we offer you our help, providing the best advices and assistance; before, along and most of all after the purchase.