How to use a hot-air welder

By |2017-05-07T03:28:18+00:00June 30th, 2015|

The hot-air welding is a very effective to join thermoplastics, especially when we need to join two pieces to repair [...]

Trenchless tecnology

By |2017-10-06T10:33:55+00:00February 25th, 2015|

The No-Dig technology, also known TT (Trenchless Technologies), is a method of installation of pipes that has been used for [...]

Sale: COMON for waterproofing

By |2019-01-11T13:02:25+00:00February 10th, 2015|

Our represented brand BAK has recently designed for the waterproofing sector a new version of the Comon and it is [...]

The butt welding equipment

By |2017-05-07T03:28:21+00:00January 27th, 2015|

Over the life of the blog soldaduraplasticos, we have talked in some occasions about the advantages of the butt welding, [...]

Test method

By |2017-05-07T03:28:21+00:00January 22nd, 2015|

One week more we are here to bring you all the information about the sector of the plastic welding. In [...]


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