Manufacturing of reduced T’s by socket system

Another method to realise T’s reduced is by welding socket. This T could be done in smaller diameters, reason of this welding is totally manual. the first thing that we can do, is the hole in the main tube. This hole must to be done few millimetre lower than the outside pipe diameter of Polyethylene / polypropylene ( that we are going to weld), for instance: if we are planning to weld a branch pipe of 32 diameters to a 100mm. of Polyethylene pipe, the hole that we must achieve will be of 28-29mm.

The hole that we wish to do, should be always lower to the tube that we are going to weld. That is because what we wish to achieve an adequate diameter for the welding, thanks to a male saddle, that we enter in it. This hot male saddle, will melt little by little the hole circumference, enlarging it and additionally will left their walls hot enough to entry the tube that we wish to weld, as a branch pipe.

This pipe should be warmed up before start in the outside part, at the same time, we should warm the main hole of the inside part.

Arriving at that point, we just have to remove the saddles, entry the tube in the hole, (causing that the tube lies straight), and wait some seconds without touching it.

The fusion will be realised properly if the two parts are preserved warm, but in case that one of them cool off, we will not achieve a right welding fusion, and we could have some problems at short-term / long term period.

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