Manufacturing of reduced T’s by Butt welding system

Other essential ancillary and highly use at whatever construction work that takes place, are the reduced T’s.

This piece as its name indicates, is a T to 90º , which middle arm diameter, is lower than the other two ones at the endings. For instance, 400-90-400.

This Reduced T could be done in two ways; using a T to 90º equal at the three sides and proceed with the reductions welding in its central arm, till this reaches at the wished diameter, or instead using a machine for the t’s building in Polyethylene / polypropylene.

This kind of machines, like almost all the workshop machines, requires and initial investment, but that will be recovered entirely as time goes by.

The builder reduced T’s machines with Butt welding, are composed of: clamps that hold the main tube, other ones that are located transversally, (these clamps holds the tube, that we are planning to weld, as a branch pipe), there is a mirror too where we should put in, the concave / convex bushings from the branch pipe,( that we are going to weld), and as well we have a table of control, where we will do all the movements by an hydraulic system: open, close, give pressure, elevate and descend the mirror,… after all this process we will obtain a main tube, resulting one-single-piece branch pipe in only one welding process.

In Aristegui Maquinaria we have our range of SDI, created to builder reduced T’s machines in Polyethylene / polypropylene by butt welding, we offered these in two versions:

SDI 315: Main tube from 90mm. to 315 mm. branch pipe from 63mm. till 160mm.     SDI 630: Main tube from 315mm. till 630mm., branch pipe from 110mm. till 315mm.

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