Butt Welding Fittings Construction

In Aristegui Maquinaria we have a huge range of machines designed for build all types of fittings as; elbows, t’s to 90º, crosses, t’s 45º and 60.

Our PL Range line, for build Polyethylene / polypropylene fittings, is one of the widest range of the sector.

The family Pl Range line, is composed by machines that cover all the diameters that goes from 90mm. to 1600mm.

Whole machines come with the clamps, which could open up and down, together with a heating mirror with movement, and a hydraulic facer system, observing in that point that we can differentiate two types with equal characteristics.

Up to 400 mm. diameter we can find the machine finished in two different versions:

PL – Manual: All these actions are realized by an operator thought-out a control panel.

PL-CNC: This is a totally automatic machine, indicating only the pipes that we are going to weld, the machine will perform all the opening movements, closing and pressure…completely alone.

All our machines from this diameter 400mm. are supplied already with the PL- CNC automatic control. Our automatic machines for build fittings of Polyethylene / polypropylene take built in a LDU. Which has in storage all the welding times and pressures according the DVS2207-1 normative, solely entering the pipes that we plan to weld, and the machine will enforce the welding till the end, automatically.

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