Welding in PVC / TPO Sheets and flat covers

Other of the more common materials used for waterproof, is the PVC. The use of PVC Geomembranes, is really regular on the waterproof swimming pools, waterproof roofs, waterproof channels, waterproof tunnels, … so we are used to see them every day.

One of the advantages that the PVC has, concerning the others, is their high flexibility, involving a great ease of adaptation to all surfaces that we want to waterproof, its largely resistance to the external forces and resistance to the traction, making able to support distortions up to 100% before breaking.

This material gets fused trough a PVC weld, the welding that gets performed could be; an air hot welding, or a hot wedge welding. And could be use in manual machines or automatic ones, both cases are faster and simply processes. Even a minimum of knowledge is not absolute necessary to have a wide experience in PVC weldings .

In Aristegui Maquinaria, we have a wide division of manual machines and automatic ones for hot air, and hot wedge welding, specific for PVC Geomembrane weldings, furthermore there are a collection of accessories available, that will permit to make fusions between 20mm.,30mm.,40mm …Our automatic machine LARON, comes with an asphalt welding kit.

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Automatic digital machine for weld of flat covers....