PE Sheet Welding / Geotextile

One of the most common waterproof process, is by welding polyethylene sheets, named as polyethylene Geomembrane.

The polyethylene Geomembrane is a thermoplastic with several applications due to their exceptional conditions; as resistance, flexibility, and long life.

Reason of this, their use for waterproof has been expanded to multiple sectors as: tanks waterproof, rafts waterproof, fish farm waterproof, agricultural reservoirs waterproof, landfills waterproof…. And many more.

The PE polyethylene sheet welding for this kind of waterproofs, requires a particular type of welding, that’s why for their subsequent verification, is necessary leave a channel in the middle of the welding. Means that the welding should be done as following:  15mm./15mm. air channel. / 15mm of welding.

In Aristegui Maquinaria, we have a great variety of machines able to perform this type of waterproof weldings.

We supply automatic machines of hot wedge welding and hot air welding.

Our standard hot wedge machines come equipped with a cooper wedge, As well under request, we can supply a particular ceramic wedge, one of a kind.

With that piece in our machine you will be able to weld polyethylene and PVC without change the wedge. So it is patented by our manufacturer, and will be available only in Aristegui Maquinaria.

  • PE Sheet Welding / Geotextile 1


The last new to the welding sheet, in the welding hot air in with wedge nozzle.

  • PE Sheet Welding / Geotextile 2


Automatic machine for hot wedge welding PE and PVC.

  • PE Sheet Welding / Geotextile 4


Automatic machine for weld of tents and sheets of PVC...

  • PE Sheet Welding / Geotextile 5


Automatic machine for hot wedge welding PE and PVC.

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