Accessories and Testers

Both, the Polyethylene sheet welding as the PVC sheet welding, are a type of thermoplastic weldings easy to perform, although always is a good idea to have some accessories that will make easy the daily work.

In Aristegui Maquinaria we have a wide range of accessories and complements that will help us at the very moment of welding.

As for instance the sheet cutting tools for Polyethylene and the PVC, the sheet handles, the nozzles and diverse rollers for manual welding, etc …

In addition to all that supplements, we have different kind of air testing needles for Polyethylene sheet, to be use trough a welding channel, for that reason they come with a manometer built-in.

If we have to verify the welding channel and seems, that there is any leak in, we must search out where it is.

For that thing, we offer a whole range of testing bells that work by vacuum system, a vast variety of sizes and shapes are available, and are used to find where the problem is.

We have also a vacuum pump that will be connected to the bell for the air suction.

So all this welding accessories and supplements will help us in the waterproofing, “before” and  “after” Polyethylene sheet welding or PVC sheet welding.

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