welding use for waterproofing

The waterproofing, as appears in the dictionary is the process of make water proof something, that method, that avoids water go through one side, keeping dry the other one, for instance: from roofs, coverings, etc.

All houses, buildings, industrial warehouses from all world should have the roofs properly waterproof , preventing leaks and humidity.

Furthermore, the building waterproof, there are other things that has to be waterproof like the tunnels.

The waterproof is used also in some cases for the opposite, to make that the water stays in, as the case of irrigation reservoirs, artificial lakes… in other cases avoiding the hazardous waste or polluting of the soil, as example of that, we can point out the landfills.

The waterproofings could be done in several ways, although the more useful ones are by PE sheet welding or PVC sheet welding. These materials present a lengthy period of high resistance and durability, which makes them ideal materials to be use to waterproof.

In Aristegui Maquinaria , we have wide range of manual and automatic machines, for perform this kind of waterproof weldings in polyethylene or PVC, and depending on the material and the work to do we could offer several solutions.

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PE Sheet Welding / Geo

One of the most common waterproof process, is by welding polyethylene…

welding use for waterproofing 2

PVC/TPO Sheet Welding

Other of the more common materials used for waterproof…

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There are several testing ways to see if the welding…

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Accessories and Testers

Both, the Polyethylene sheet welding as the PVC sheet welding, are a type…