Socket Welding Machines

For pipelines welding socket, we have differentiated two range forms of products the range PF and the Poly range.

PF range line, mainly is a range of machines designed for manual welding, that compromises a heating mirror and the bushings male and female accessories from 16mm. to 110mm. depending on the model selected.

The socket welding is a simple welding that could be done from 50 to 63 mm. of diameter, which are easy to do it manually, up to this diameter the issue gets more complicated, because although the system is the same, the strength that should be accomplished is much higher, and mostly of times, one single person con not realize it by himself. For instance, you will need two or even three people for 110 mm. diameter welding.

For such type of weldings, the ones that are frankly complex to do it by hand, we have the range POLY, a series of bench machines where the strength could be done form a gearbox steering wheel, for the 75 model and for the 110 model we could enforced trough a lever or effortless through and hydraulic system (M and P models).

The Poly range line, are also greatly easy work with, by the way that the tube gets in the accessory effortlessly, this guarantees furthermore the perfect alignment, becoming increasingly complicated to achieve when the welding must be done manually.

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