Manual Machines for pipelines welding

For polyethylene pipeline weldings or polypropylene pipeline weldings rising to a maximum diameter of 250mm., the alternative is the manual welding machines, reason of the pressure that we will need to achieve in this welds, for this diameter, is an affordable pressure to obtain manually.

For that kind of manual pipeline welds, we have a wide range of machines models and diameters.

The range TE line family, are manual mirrors with diameters between 140mm to 330mm., whereby you could realize the welding in a manual way in specific cases, having in mind that the pressure must be achieved totally by hand, and we will have no pressure indicator.

The Euro range family line; are manual machines or bench-type machines where the pressure is applied through a stick-bar and a board-plate, where we can see the pressure that we are giving in each moment. Besides we could fix the pressure and set it , the precise time for each pipeline, with no trouble at all, furthermore thanks to the clamps and the supports we can assure that the weldings are completely straight.

The World range family line; are bench-type manual machines, like the Euro range, moreover in this case the clamps could be turned till a maximum of 7.5 grades, allowing the elbows- bents building.

The PL range family line; are manual machines for welding polyethylene pipeline and polypropylene pipeline weldings, till a pressure of PN25.The welding pressure has to be done by a steering wheel gearbox, which allow to set the pressure effortless. Furthermore, their pivoting heads are able to turn 15ºgrades around each one, making enable to do 30º grades weldings too.

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Welding machine for pipes and fittings from 25mm to 125mm.

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